Papaya Paradise Oil

This nourishing facial oil restores your radiance and hydration. It is the best facial oil for dry, dull, dehydrated, sensitive and wrinkled skin. It revitalizes and soothes the look of your skin with high-performance botanical ingredients that provide protection and essential nutrients.

I love this new product that Creamy Mama has developed. It has such a nice scent that I want to put it not just on my face, but all over!! I have used Catherin’s products for 4 years now, but this one will perhaps replace moringa oil serum as my favourite. Both make my skin feel so healthy and moist. I use it in conjunction with the skin moisturizer. I am 69 so struggle with wrinkles but I trust this company to help me keep them away as long as possible!!

I love this mist, I’m already out! It is refreshing and it keeps the moisture on your skin all day long. I work out a lot, but i feel that this formula stays on my skin eve after a sweaty work out! I need a new bottle for sure!

Moisture Boost Rice Ferment Essence

Moisture Boost Rice Ferment Essence combines humectants, botanicals and superfoods proven to hydrate, soften, and plump skin. Rehydrate the epidermal layer and balance the ph on the surface while transforming your skin.

S.O.S Ceramide Complex Serum

This formula rebuilds and keeps the integrity of the skin barrier. It protects against extreme weathering, pollution, external aggressors, skin irritants, and dryness. This serum is best for irritated, flaky, hyper-reactive, dry, mature, acne-prone, and sensitive skin.

This product has a silky elegant feel when you put it on your face. Also moisturizes well. It’s hardly has any fragrance which I like. I recommend this product.

Creamy Mama is proudly a Canadian brand, focused in designing clean and high-performance beauty formulas, to keep mature and sensitive complexions beautiful and healthy in extreme weather.


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