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“In the end, it does not matter the age, sex, background, nationality or even a non-existing bank account. It just takes courage, faith, commitment and some family or friendship support to make what God has placed in your heart. Never is it too late to pursue your dreams.”

– Catherin Torres
Creamy Mama Owner

This is about writing a new story

This part of my story is called…ugly.

I was raised with my sister in Bogota, Colombia, by my mother and my adoptive father. My very own father decided to stay away from my existence, and I found him again, 35 years later. I forgave him.

I was four years old when I was exposed to mistreatment. My inner core, my identity wasn’t broken, was crushed. Faith in God was the daily dose at home, and I learned how to survive those bad feelings. I kept the ugly secret for the next 25 years.


Once I reached my teenage years, hormones triggered acne. Since my family had a very low income, money had specific priorities, and a dermatologist consultation was not even on the waiting list.😂 Eventually, that become the very beginning of my obsession with skincare.

I decided to take care of my skin with what I had in hand. Daily bananas, oatmeal, papaya, or strawberry masks were basically my skincare routine. Of course, I couldn’t get rid of my acne, but my skin looked better at least.


Skincare love grew in my heart during those years but I wasn’t encouraged to follow my dream, even when my parents noticed my passion. There is a reason. When the postsecondary time arrived, my mom was determined to get me into a university career. Her true desire was to give me the chance she couldn’t have, and she pictured the university as the best way for me to succeed.

In her mind there was no option for a trade because at that time skincare was not a professional career in my Country, it was a trade.

Why I didn’t make my parents hear me? Remember, I wasn’t found my voice yet, my spirit was broken and things got worsened while I was being bullied at school. I did not believe in myself enough to have the courage to get into my real passion.


I ended up being a journalist and I enjoyed it. I married a wonderful man, had my first baby and then a new opportunity knocked on our door. A Canadian company was recruiting employees in Colombia to work on their meatpacker team.

300 Colombian people were being hired with the promise of being able to obtain permanent residency in Canada while working for this company. Since my husband’s family business was cattle, it sounded perfect to explore new opportunities.

It was 3 years and a half till finally my husband, my little 4-year-old and I got together again, but now in Canada. Being away from my husband was the most heartbreaking and difficult situation we went through as a family, but totally worth it. Just because God was present, supporting us and making us stronger, we were able to keep a beautiful family together. Many families were destroyed during the process.

A new beginning…

The chance to start a new life arrived. My kid and I travelled to Canada on my 30th birthday. As a newcomer everything was exciting. Having no English, no house and or either a job I fell in love with Canada. Neither my husband’s surgery could take away my happiness. Coming to one of the best countries in the world is the best experience that anyone could have.

One month after our arrival we bought a house, a month later I went into English classes and six months later I was pregnant again. It took me 6 years to go from foundational English level to 7. It was a huge improvement but not enough to get a job as a journalist again.

Start over…

I thought it could be the right time to do what I always wanted to do. Many years ago, I started to create some DIY cosmetic formulas, not even close to something professional but it was something that I really loved to do and was able to spend time on.

During those years I met amazing Canadian people that believed in me and gave me the courage I never had to follow my dreams. They showed that support I never had, and I realized I was gifted by God with talent and some amazing friends. God also made his job on me. He worked hard to change my mindset and heal my heart. My identity was restored.

The business…

My first product was a cream special for my oldest son. He had those weird bumps on his skin called keratosis pilaris or chicken skin. There is no cure for this condition but moisturizing the skin may help the skin look and feel better.

That product was the beginning of my famous whipped body butter. After that, I dedicated myself to researching some ingredients and how to combine them. Trial after trial I started to become more skillful. A teacher suggested I go to farmer’s markets, and I did it.

I sold my first thousand dollars and I thought maybe I had a real opportunity to have a business instead of a hobby. I was advised to register my business and challenge myself to see if I had a real chance to sell my products.

That year I registered my Brand, Creamy Mama, and I sold six thousand dollars and then I decided, “Yes, it is my business!” I know six thousand is not big money for big companies. For me, it was HOPE, not hope for a business, hope for victory, hope for dreams, hope for doing something meaningful.

Challenge time…

Next, I found a pile of challenges. I just registered a business not knowing anything, Not having a clue about businesses. I had to learn about business plans, how to build a website, marketing, SEO, profesional formulation, social media and still counting. I had a third baby in 2018, went back to school and released my first collection in November 2020. 75% of it was sold in the first 4 days. The ultimate brightening collection was the first big success I genuinely

I am now 40, and I am near to the end of getting my second certificate, a Diploma in natural skincare formulation. Sometimes it feels so overwhelming not only because of the business but also the studies, two YouTube Channels, a Christian Ministry and a family are all demanding commitments. Although, pursuing my dream is enough to keep me going on.

The new pages…

In the end, it does not matter the age, sex, background, nationality or even a non-existing bank account. It just takes courage, faith, commitment and some family or friendship support to make what God has placed in your heart. Never is it too late to pursue your dreams.

As a result of this crazy journey, Creamy Mama is proudly a Canadian brand, focused on designing clean and high-performance beauty formulas, to keep mature and sensitive complexions beautiful and healthy in this extreme weather.

Overcome and re-writing my story, a story full of love is the true meaning of Creamy Mama. Jesus has been my friend, my healer, my counsellor and thanks to him I am able to tell you this story. I am so sure no matter what you are going through, there is a new book with wthite pages to be filled out with your new story.

Please, feel free to give me some feedback. Thank you for taking time to read the whole piece!